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Wedding Beach Venues In Rhode Island

Since 1950, our family beach club in Rhode Island, has been a summer home for generations of families who enjoy this private club's small, cozy feel. Many of our members are second- and third-generation members who share childhood memories of spending nights in beachside cabanas and long days on the private beach.

The beach is nestled in the Harbor of Refuge of Narragansett, RI, making it particularly safe for children and swimming. Our club has something for everyone! Invest in our club membership and enjoy our family beach and wedding venue.

Our "right on the beach" snack bar, "The Dugout," is still the kind of place where kids can come in for a Popsicle or snack...and the staff knows them by name.

Private lifeguards keep watch over our members and guests on our 250-foot private beach. From free valet parking to private bathrooms and showers, our members are assured a fun, safe day at the beach.

The club offers weekly, dining, and full-seasonal memberships with ownership options. Please contact us for rates on a package which would suit your needs.

Your Ideal Wedding Venue and Weekend Getaway

There’s simply no better backdrop to your ceremony than the calm waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Our beach club is many things to many people, but for you, it is the ideal wedding venue in Narragansett, RI. Whether you want to be right down on the sand on a sunny afternoon or up on the deck at twilight, we are more than willing to accommodate your ceremony and guests. We also have an outstanding catering service you can use for the reception.

Our beach house is made for all sorts of special events. The setting and amenities add to the occasion. Make a weekend out of your wedding ceremony and enjoy spending time with your family before and after you exchange your vows. Likewise, you can visit for birthdays, holidays, or even just a weekend getaway.

We can’t express enough how our club is a wonderful place to visit for a summer vacation. With a membership, you and your family can come for our weekly events, made even more enjoyable by the salty air and sounds of the waves. Just reach out to our staff to find out the details and benefits of beach club membership.

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Welcoming & Cozy Beach Club

Become a member of our family beach club in Narragansett, RI, to experience an unparalleled vacation spot. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere and providing a safe environment for our club members. For more than 69 years, we’ve been the premier destination for summer lodging to generations of families, giving you the confidence that you’ll be welcomed warmly.

The Galilee Beach Club offers a fun-filled, cozy experience all year long. While we do have seasonal memberships, we encourage all guests to come as often as they like. As you plan your next vacation, please don’t hesitate to take a look at our private summer home and consider how our family swimming amenities can enhance your experience.

Safety is Our Priority

We offer safe swimming on our secluded beach, ensuring that all guests can feel comfortable and safe while in the water. Our lifeguards keep a careful watch on the entire beach, allowing you to rest assured that your children can play without worrying about their safety. We’re dedicated to our reputation as the preferred family beach club in the area, so you can count on us to go above and beyond to meet your needs.