It all began in 1954 with a charming clubhouse nestled among the dunes in Narragansett’s Harbor of Refuge. Over the years, Galilee Beach Club has grown to include three dining spaces over two floors, al-fresco dining, a sandbar, fifteen cabanas, three apartments, and sixty-one bathhouses.

Many second and third-generation members have cherished memories of times spent relaxing by the shore while watching the fishing boats and ferries go out to sea.

The Club prides itself on the family atmosphere that it fosters. Child-safe beach activities such as sand sculpture contests, arts and crafts, and our annual family-fun version of sand-miniature golf entertain our younger members when they are not swimming in our crystal-clear waters protected by a breakwater jetty. The Fourth of July bonfire is always a season highlight, followed by enjoying the company of friends belting out their favorite tunes on karaoke nights.

Adults enjoy book clubs, trivia night, happy hour specials, and weekends that boast some of Rhode Island’s best local entertainment.

Galilee Beach Club continues to be the envy of beach enthusiasts all over the state. With over 250 feet of beachfront access, it is truly a treasure by the sea.