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2020 season

Welcome back GBC ! It was great to see you all on opening. For all who watched their distancing and wore their mask and followed the arrows , THANK YOU! Things went very smoothly and we appreciate the team minded spirit you showed.

Parking Tags

Your parking tags are in the valet shed waiting for pick up. If you are a new member your membership cards are in the valet shed as well. ( or if you never picked up your card last year, it also is in the shed waiting to be picked up)

REMEMBER: in order to pick up the  above mentioned items, you must sign the “appendix F” form to confirm that you have read and understand the new policies and procedures in place to help us operate within the state guidelines for reopening and to keep us all safe.

Copies of the RI state guide line information are posted in the tunnel, in the dug out and at the valet shed.